Main Altcoins That Rise In Value Alongside Bitcoin

By Adrian Cruce

Bitcoin is on a clear upward trajectory. Now that this is stabilized, people also look at altcoins to see what other markets get high gains. It is still not sure how markets will evolve, although it does seem that we are moving towards a massive spree. With this in mind, here are the altcoins that show really high potential and that enjoy a nice rise, right along Bitcoin.


EOS went on to have a very good day, all based on an increase of 7.285 in value. This does not dethrone Bitcoin Cash as it is still better, but it is expected that EOS is going to grow in the future. Fluctuations are also expected in the near future.

Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV stands out as a project that is much more popular than what many expect. This is especially the case when referring to market value. Hopefuls and speculators are analyzing it right now. The increase in just one day was 8.89%, making the altcoin really interesting, with statistics that bring in people.

Bitcoin Cash

Everything that has the name Bitcoin in it gets a push when the top worldwide cryptocurrency gains value. Bitcoin Cash gained 10% in one day, even if value struggles to get to $500. This is a price point that will most likely be reached but there is still uncertain territory right now.


Tron is very popular but it is considered to be outside of the top 10 cryptocurrencies out there. It showed a gain of 9.81%. This is proof that improvement is still possible. Getting to the top 10 might be on the cards pretty soon.


Most investors only look at the top 15 cryptocurrencies but Ontology might have to be on your list since it had a good year. During just one day Ontology managed to gain almost 12%, going over the $1.57 value. We do not know if growth will be sustained but it is possible.


Out of all the altcoins, NEO stands out as the top gainer. The increase was really high, 22.45% in one day. This means NEO can be faced with a steep retrace, although no real conclusion can appear.