Universities Offering Blockchain Courses

By Adrian Cruce

There is a clear rising demand for professionals that can work in the blockchain industry. Due to this, there are numerous universities that are now building programs to accommodate students interested in blockchain courses.

Some of the really interesting universities that offer blockchain courses include:

University Of Nicosia – Cyprus

This university might be based in a small country but it does offer the very first Master’s degree in digital currency. The very first leg is an implied pre-requisite, which includes free 12 sessions on digital currencies offered by industry leaders like Antonis Polemitis and Andreas Antonopoulos. Then, you go through an MSc in Digital Currency in the event that you want to enroll.

This course is built for entrepreneurs, business people, lawyers, accountants, social workers, auditors, regulatory officials and computer scientists. All this for the tuition fee of 12,080 EUR.

Princeton University – USA

This is a course that is offered through Coursera. It is free and handled online, including 11 weeks of materials. However, once the course is over, you do not get an award.

The course is great for beginners or people that just want to learn more about the industry. It includes information about Bitcoin, security, anonymity, price influences, regulations and what the future might hold.

Princeton’s course includes 11 lecture slides and 12 lecture videos. Even if this course was meant to be studied by Princeton students, the information offered is still valid.

Universidad Europea Madrid – Spain

This is a unique free course that covers blockchain technology and Bitcoin. It is a Postgraduate Diploma program teaching participants how to create Bitcoin-enabled applications. The course requires zero prior Bitcoin knowledge but you should know basics in Unix and Python languages.

During the course, you are taught about Bitcoin, distributed ledger technologies, consensus systems and smart contracts. Just Ethereum and Bitcoin are covered though.

Duke University – USA

“Blockchain and Innovation” is a course offered by Duke University for the undergraduate students, all for free. The course is actually run by a group of professionals, professors and students.

Every single Monday the class meets and tries to inspire students so that they explore the new blockchain technology available. The group organizes talks, events, meetups and even seminars in which blockchain technology is discussed, together with non-financial uses of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and cryptography.

The University Of California, Berkeley – USA

There is a unit named Blockchain at Berkeley that is practically student-run and aims to bridge the gap between the general masses and blockchain technology. This is not actually a degree course or a certification but it helps people better understand new technologies.

The group organizes seminars, events, screencasts and workshops. Also, every single Sunday meetups happen to discuss cutting-edge breakthroughs in the blockchain industry.

The attendance policy is stringent and students that do not regularly attend are dropped.