Coinbase Pro Begins Accepting Tezos Trading

By Adrian Cruce

Coinbase officially announced that it is going to trade XTZ (Tezos) on Coinbase Pro, its professional platform. The official announcement about XTZ transfers happened and said that trading begins on August 5.

As it was done in the past, the Coinbase Pro platform is going to ramp up XTZ trading through 4 steps:

  • Transfer-only
  • Post-only
  • Limit-only
  • Full trading

In addition, Coinbase is going to document on-boarding steps through Twitter. The jurisdiction will receive the full immediate support for the offering, all except New York State.

It was also mentioned that Tezos is not going to be available at the moment on the main website or the mobile apps.


Besides the XTZ cryptocurrency, Tezos includes a crypto-ledgering platform that utilizes proof of stake voting and smart contracts.

BTG Pactual, Latin American investment bank, declared that it is going to shift security token offerings through Tezos’ blockchain and the smart contracts platform. Also, Dalma Capital, in a partnership with BTG Pactual, plans to utilize Tezos in order to tokenize various assets, like lending, equity, global sports club and real estate.

Tezos recently made the news because of a move that it made. We saw the hiring of a former PwC executive as Tezos CFO during June. Ryan Jesperson, Tezos Foundation president, declared:

As the foundation continues to provide resources to a growing Tezos ecosystem, the CFO and operations lead will be critical to our success. Roman’s experience makes him the ideal finance and operations specialist for our team. He is already familiar with the opportunities and challenges blockchain projects face and has a deep understanding of the Tezos Foundation from his time at PwC.