FINNEY – The New Blockchain Phone By SIRIN LABS

By Boris Dzhingarov

The FINNEY phone was recently announced at a Barcelona event. It costs $999 and is the very first of its kind as it integrates blockchain technology with the purpose of allowing the user to easily utilize blockchain products. This smartphone tries to solve problems that many cryptocurrency users have with mobile computing. The big problem is related to secure trading. SOLARIN is the manufacturer.

FINNEY is using SirinOS, an Android fork that was built to deeply integrate blockchain and the decentralized dApp application marketplace. There is a secondary screen named “safe screen” that has a size of 2 inches and allow you to quickly and securely access built-in cold cryptocurrency storage. In terms of design and shape, SOLARIN is the same as FINNEY.

The use of the operation system will not be limited just to the FINNEY smartphone. SIRIN Labs claimed that they look for strategic OEMs in order to implement SIRIN OS in extra consumer devices. It is possible that this new launch is going to attract some interest from different phone manufacturers like Huawei, Motorola and ASUS.

HTC already declared that it wants to bring a smartphone to the crypto market but the manufacturer is renowned for supporting many operating systems.

At the same time of the blockchain phone launch we saw SIRIN launching a special London concept store that is going to double as a user educational hub. Those that will buy the smartphone for the extra features (like competitive design and security) will get all their questions answered.

Sirin is also going into business with Apple, with the use of Foxconn in order to mass-produce the first market blockchain phone. Nimrod May, SIRIN CMO declared:

By choosing Foxconn to build the FINNEY, we’re demonstrating the public’s desire to have a mass-market smartphone that is able to safely and securely operate within blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

While it will be quite difficult for FINNEY to be successful since it is the very first smartphone of its kind, the fact that a brand new crypto OS is being introduced is a huge milestone for all cryptocurrency users. Security is paramount and FINNEY manages to raise it to a whole new level.

Many users talked about the $999 price tag, which might have seemed high in the past but nowadays it is actually quite competitive. FINNEY also includes 128 GB of built-in storage, a 12 MP camera, the already mentioned safe screen and the possibility of easily using the regular apps that we have on Android. If you also add crypto to the mix, a world of opportunities appears.