Ethereum – The Most Used Gaming Platform

By Krasimir Hristov

Blockchain gaming is stronger than ever, being an industry that is thriving. While most people think that retention rate is low, things are completely different. DappRadar just published a report showing that the entire blockchain gaming industry is now thriving.

The most popular of the offerings available at the moment have a retention rate of at least 75% for the user base. Those networks with a lower popularity still have around 60%. Even so, it is possible that for some a declining user base is in place. This can lead to gaming ventures disappearing.

Statistics show that good games become successful and remain successful, no matter what blockchain technology is used.

At the time, Ethereum is the top option used in blockchain gaming. The second option is EOS, with Tron and Tonology being way behind the top two.

Statistics are definitely promising but we have to note that blockchain gaming is relatively unknown as a gaming market, being niche at best. It is difficult to attract users that are not already involved in the cryptocurrency industry.

Games right now usually require the use of a wallet address in order for the appropriate blockchain technology to be leveraged. Widespread adoption thus becomes really low and is a huge hurdle for the growth of the industry.

Cryptocurrencies are more popular than ever but still cannot be mentioned as being at a widespread level. Blockchain gamers are just a small part of the crypto enthusiasts so numbers are much lower than what many believe.

Reports are positive but on the whole, we are faced with a clear perspective.