DEAPcoin Price Charts and Technical Indicators

By Boris Dzhingarov

The DEAPcoin price can be affected by numerous factors. Traders use technical indicators and chart patterns as tools to identify trends and potential entry points.

Singapore-based blockchain gaming and entertainment company DEA recently listed their DEAPcoin token on BITPOINT, a popular Japanese cryptocurrency exchange. This move marks a successful entry of play-to-earn game models into Japan renowned for their rapid adoption of new technologies.

Investing in DEAPcoin

Cryptocurrency trading can be highly risky, with volatile prices that could leave you exposed. Before investing in any cryptocurrency project, it’s crucial that you conduct thorough research into both their goals and the associated risks – these can help guide decisions relating to legal status in your country as well as consulting a financial adviser before making decisions.

The DEAPcoin token is a digital asset designed to reward players for participating in PlayMining NFT Premier and using Ethereum Blockchain. Based on ERC-20 standard, DEAPcoins can be used to pay transaction fees, purchase NFTs from PlayMining NFT Premier, or acquire other services offered by DEAPcoin platform.

DEAPcoin is an excellent choice for investors seeking cryptocurrency with high growth potential, thanks to a dedicated team and growing number of exchanges that support it. Furthermore, they plan to enhance co-creative aspects through PlayMining Lab – a series of experimental projects and technologies.

The company has established partnerships with several gaming platforms, such as Steam and LINE. Users will be able to earn DEAPcoin by playing games and reading manga on these platforms; users will also use this token to unlock additional features on these platforms such as increased levels or exclusive game content.

DEAPcoin wallets provide an ideal way of protecting your coins. DEAPcoin offers its own wallet software that can be downloaded directly from its website as well as third-party solutions like Coinomi and Atomic Wallet for maximum protection. TREZOR or Ledger Nano X hardware wallets may provide even further added layer of security.

DEAPcoin prices are determined by supply and demand as well as broader market forces, including hard forks and protocol updates that alter it, regulation, adoption by companies and governments, performance of other cryptocurrencies as well as regulation itself. You can view its price history by visiting its price chart page – this shows not only price fluctuations over time but also percentage gains or losses over time and total and circulating supply figures of DEAPcoin coins.

Getting Started with DEAPcoin

DEAPcoin cryptocurrency was first created in February this year on the Ethereum blockchain and designed to offer secure and fast digital payments with reduced transaction fees than traditional payment methods, as well as support for various devices. Since its creation, DEAPcoin has become one of the most sought-after cryptocurrencies available today.

Team behind this project comprises experienced members from different fields. Cofounder Naohito Yoshida has led three initial public offerings (IPOs) in Japan and is an expert in business development and management, while CFO Shigeru Shiina brings over two decades of financial services expertise having served as senior manager at PwC Japan; Kozo Yamada serves as cofounder and CSO with experience in music production at TV Tokyo Corporation.

To get started with DEAPcoin, download its official wallet from its project’s website or alternatively use a hardware wallet that offers maximum security for storing tokens. Some wallets even allow for multiple coin storage simultaneously for easier portfolio management.

DEAPcoin can be purchased through various exchanges and platforms, including OKEx, Indodax and Bittrex – three top exchanges that specialize in trading DEAPcoin. As this cryptocurrency gains ground in the gaming industry, its value should continue to appreciate over time.

Stepping up to DEAPcoin is simple. First, download and install the official wallet from its project website, deposit funds from either bank accounts or credit cards into it and deposit again when your balance reaches sufficient amounts to start playing games for DEAPcoin and earn tokens.

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), the company behind this game, was established in Singapore in August 2018 and currently working on JobTribes and PlayMining NFT; both game platforms that aim to create the first play-to-earn token economy in existence. Their team boasts extensive experience within the NFT industry with diverse products to offer clients.

DEAPcoin Wallets

There are various DEAPcoin wallets available to store your DEAPcoin, each tailored specifically to a different purpose or offering general functionality. Your best choice depends on your specific needs and preferences; some wallets are optimized for computer storage while others provide greater security if stored on hardware devices like the TREZOR or Ledger Nano X wallets; mobile versions may be suitable if traveling frequently or need accessing their coins on-the-go.

One of the best wallets for DEAPcoin storage is Coinbase Wallet. This wallet is easy to use, features support for various currencies, and allows for multiple purchases or trades of DEAPcoin with other cryptocurrencies (Cryptocurrencies and Fiat currencies alike). Coinbase charges a one percent swap fee when exchanging currency; be sure to leave enough ETH in your account to cover these charges!

Atomic Wallet offers another option for safely storing DEAPcoin: multi-asset wallets such as those available on iOS, Android and the web that support over 1000 assets and do not require registration or KYC; you are the sole owner of your private keys and this wallet boasts easy use with high levels of security.

DEAPcoin can also be purchased with a credit card through external exchanges. This option may be suitable for investors not looking to invest significant sums of money at once; however, these transactions may take some time and incur additional fees.

DEAPcoin should be approached as an unanchored digital currency backed only by supply and demand; its value can shift dramatically with every day that passes, leading to swift fluctuations.

DEAPcoin should maintain a stable price over the long-term. This may depend on factors like popularity of other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum network performance and regulatory considerations – among them DEAPcoin’s utility as payment for NFTs or virtual goods as its primary driver.

DEAPcoin Price Predictions

DEAPcoin has increased by 5% over the last 24 hours, but is still trading below $0.0012 per token. Due to low Twitter engagement and no discussion on Coinmarketcap, this lesser-known cryptocurrency could soon experience a downturn.

DEAP is a platform whose official website describes as providing solutions to real world issues through gamification and token incentives. Established in Singapore and supported by Digital Entertainment Asset Ltd, it features an NFT DeFi marketplace.

The platform aims to help both gamers and non-gamers earn DEAP by participating in various activities, as well as reduce gaming costs while helping developers make more money with its system of rewarding miners with DEAP for every block they mine.

Traders use various tools to try and predict where DEAPcoin’s price will head next, including indicators and chart patterns. Indicators provide momentum measurements while chart patterns provide clues as to when an uptrend or downtrend might end or stop entirely.

One of the most widely-used indicators for DEAPcoin is its 50-day moving average, calculated by adding together all closing prices over a specific time period and dividing by its number of days. Traders use this indicator to pinpoint key resistance and support levels.

Additionally, traders often monitor the activities of DEAPcoin “whales”. Whales are individuals or entities who hold large amounts of the cryptocurrency and can have a significant effect on its price. By keeping tabs on whale activity, traders can get an accurate picture of when it would be prudent to purchase or sell DEAPcoin.

Candlestick charts allow traders to accurately predict future price movements. By studying candlesticks, traders can gain more informed trading decisions without being caught out by sudden market shifts. By following their candlestick patterns closely, traders can use candlestick charts as a valuable indicator. They display a crypto’s relative highs and lows and can help identify whether it is trending up or down; candlesticks can also identify entry/exit points to help pinpoint when entering or exiting positions.