Top 6 Crypto Firms That Survived the SEC Crackdown

By Boris Dzhingarov

Recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission has conducted an unprecedented crackdown against crypto firms accused of violating securities laws. Some firms have settled with them, while others have gone out of business altogether. Here are a few that have survived this latest attack by the SEC:

Hivemind Capital Partners was established in 2021 as a Web3 and blockchain technology investment firm that employs institutional-grade risk management practices for digital asset investments. They aim to institutionalize digital asset investing.

AMINO Capital

Amino Capital is an early-stage venture firm focused on data driven startups. Their team consists of experienced investors with expertise in Internet, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence as well as early stage financing expertise that can assist startups navigate through growing pains.

This company boasts an impressive list of past investments and successful exits, dating back to its inaugural fund launch in 2012. Since then, over 80 seed stage companies have been funded from this fund including Assemblage (acquired by Cisco), Orbeus, Skycatch, Trustlook as well as Darma, Yttro CandyHouse Skuchain which have all experienced rapid growth since investing.

Amino Capital, formerly zPark Venture, currently boasts an active $50 million second fund that specializes in seed-stage investments but plans to expand its focus beyond these seed companies and into Series A and B companies as well. Their investment team specializes in AI technologies like data driven systems and IoT while seeking technology investments that improve business operations.

Amino Capital employees typically earn an average annual salary of $111,060; however, the exact figure varies based on job title and department. Fellowship positions tend to earn the highest pay while manager investment positions have lower annual salaries (ranging from $97,418 – $125853 annually). For more information about Amino Capital or Preqin Pro accessing alternative asset class activity and performance data – both invaluable tools for investors and professionals making strategic decisions. For further assistance you can also request a demo today by requesting one of their websites; also request a demo on Preqin Pro to access complete alternative asset class activity data which provides investors and professionals accessing valuable insights essential when making strategic decisions.


DigiByte was established in 2014 and remains one of the more experienced cryptocurrency market participants. Thanks to their commitment to innovation – such as SegWit adoption and DigiShield deployment – DigiByte makes an excellent investment choice, even if its price fluctuates at times. While some have speculated that DigiByte could reach $1 in future, as all investments carry risks; so doing your own due diligence before making any definitive decisions is essential.

DigiByte is powered by a volunteer team of developers and professionals. As they’re not paid for their efforts, their focus lies on maintaining decentralization fundamentals which have resulted in a self-improving system with speed, security, and scalability improvements over time. Furthermore, this group actively promotes their project via social media outlets such as Facebook or other outreach programs.

DigiByte’s blockchain technology is uncrackable, providing users with safe and secure transactions. Additionally, its privacy features safeguard user data against hacker attack or government surveillance. DigiByte mobile applications for Android and iOS make managing assets simple while its identity feature, Digi-ID, is set to replace passwords or pin numbers altogether.

DigiByte network is open source, supporting projects such as Mine That Digi and DigiPSN (a Playstation store using DigiBytes as payment). V-ID, an authentication service built into the blockchain that enables users to validate digital files authenticity is also being developed by this company.

Hivemind Capital Partners

Hivemind Capital Partners is a crypto investment firm that specializes in pioneering Web3 projects. By combining institutional-grade infrastructure with blockchain-native investments models to support this new paradigm – where programming money meets open internet – Hivemind invests heavily in Web3 projects as well as their ecosystem of digital assets that is key component.

Matt Zhang, a 14-year veteran of Citi, leads a US-based venture fund. Previously he created and led Citi’s spread products investment technologies team; today, he runs Hivemind Fund which invests exclusively in crypto companies and digital asset markets.

Hivemind Venture Capital currently manages 14 startups, such as Helium and Rainmaker Games, as well as investing in Fnatic. Recently, Hivemind announced a partnership agreement with layer-1 blockchain Algorand; this will allow both firms to collaborate on developing new economic models and DeFi offerings while simultaneously growing digital asset holdings through increased scaling opportunities.

Pantera Capital

Pantera Capital specializes in investing in cryptocurrency initiatives. Established by Dan Morehead, this firm manages billions through hedge fund strategies for pension funds, endowments, and wealth management firms as clients.

This company boasts an experienced team of investors and operators with vast technical and investment knowledge. Furthermore, the firm provides clients with resources and commitments designed to help them flourish within the crypto industry.

The firm offers several funds with differing levels of risk. For example, its Liquid Token Fund invests in 15 to 20 tokens that have high liquidity; Early-Stage Token Fund invests in companies developing innovative blockchain protocols; and Bitcoin Fund is a hedge fund which invests solely in cryptocurrency assets.

Alongside its cryptocurrency funds, the firm also offers other investment opportunities – private equity funds which invest across industries and stages of development.

Katrina Paglia serves as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of our firm, overseeing all legal, regulatory, and compliance issues for our organization. With more than two decades of experience in asset management and cryptocurrency practices – having worked at numerous large financial institutions such as Blackstone and AQR Capital – and holding a B.S. in Structural Engineering from Princeton University she holds all these roles admirably.


Kraken is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform that provides customers with access to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Additionally, they offer services like staking and lending that give investors secure digital asset management solutions; some coins even deliver up to 23% annual return from this service! Kraken’s Staking service pays rewards on any crypto you hold with up to 23% annual returns – this service allows passive income through your cryptocurrency holdings!

This company provides an array of trading features, from supporting more than 200 cryptos and multiple fiat currencies to watchlists and alerts. You can buy crypto using payment cards, online banking or ACH processing; its fees are among the lowest in the industry – though instant buy fees may apply depending on monthly trading volumes.

Kraken is an excellent cryptocurrency exchange for newcomers as well as experienced traders and investors, offering reasonable pricing with customer support available 24/7 via telephone and an extensive library of educational resources. Security is top-tier with two-factor authentication available but unfortunately does not provide the same level of protection offered by banks or depository institutions; any deposits held with Kraken will not be protected under FDIC insurance.


MicroStrategy is a business intelligence software platform that offers secure and governed environments for data analysis. The system features dashboards, documents, reports and trend analysis tools as well as tracking features so users can analyze business performance trends over time. Companies using MicroStrategy to store all their business information centrally – creating and maintaining an information repository they can use to analyze content shared between business partners – can take advantage of all that this system offers them.

MicroStrategy offers multiple license bundles tailored to the unique requirements of various users. For instance, its Consumer User Enterprise Edition meets the needs of information consumers looking to view and interact with MicroStrategy dossiers, documents, and reports; it includes reporter client, report server, and distribution services.

MicroStrategy’s security modules protect data from unintended access. This includes platform, group and user-level security controls that can be managed via a central control module and deployed across mobile devices or desktop computers. MicroStrategy also uses Usher multi-factor authentication technology so only appropriate personnel have access to information they require.

MicroStrategy BI & Analytics is a top-rated business intelligence tool, combining traditional business intelligence with mobile and cloud technologies for maximum effectiveness. As an analytical solution for businesses to transform big data into instinctive dashboards and reports that are intuitive for end-users. Key features of the software are advanced reporting capabilities, ad hoc query functionality and automated report distribution – perfect for entry-level developers as well as data professionals alike.