Tinder Is Being Widely Used By Cryptocurrency Scammers

By Adrian Cruce

All cryptocurrency enthusiasts are potential targets for crypto scammers. This is the case with almost everything done online these days, including chat applications. The recent trend is to try to steal BTC from users found on Tinder.

Right now, Tinder is one of the most popular of all the online dating platforms that are used in the world. It may not get the greatest reviews but it is commonly used at a global scale.

Crypto Scams And Dangers

Tinder now is targeted by crypto scammers. According to a report on Reddit, there are profiles that claim to be Asian girls. They actively try to hook up with people identified as cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This is usually done by spreading some information about new cryptocurrency that is considered to be “up-and-coming”.

Usually, the cryptocurrency that is promoted is completely fake and does not exist. Even if it does, it is just an elaborated scam system that will never be valuable.

The trick is to use beautiful opposite sex members. This is done to reduce the natural sense of reason. Scammers tend to chat with users for weeks before a move is made.

After the conversation hits the crypto topic, a trading platform or crypto exchange is usually mentioned. Obviously, it is a shady option. As a person signs up and deposits money, balances end up being lost.

This is not the first report that talks about using digital profiles that are attractive to cloud a person’s judgment. In cryptocurrency everything is very common.

It is not currently clear if the scams on Tinder are or not successful. Even so, attention is needed.

Remember the fact that Tinder is use by millions of people. This odes include cryptocurrency enthusiasts that can always be targeted by scammers.