Social Media Monitoring In North Korea Is Now More Intense

By Adrian Cruce

New reports coming from South Korea warning people that North Korea is expanding his monitoring of social media when it comes to crypto technology. The report was issued by NK Economy and the claim is that Marine Chain is now actively monitoring the lending names that are in the blockchain and crypto space.

While in most cases people do not care about this, the big part of the report is that the company discussed was Marine Chain. This is because the company is a well-known crypto scam. It appeared on the scene in April 2018 and was targeted by the September 2019 UN Security Council reports. It was then mentioned that the Council considered the firm as being a shell company.

The firm basically offered selling crypto tokens so that buyers can digitize the ownership of some international vessels. It is explained that the company buys tokens to be shared between parties. Income is then made from ships.

What was interesting is that the United Nations did investigate Marine Chain. It was shown that Julien Kim is the owner, an individual also known for the alias Tony Walker. LinkedIn accounts claim that Tony Walker is now a citizen of Denver and is an entrepreneur.

The NK Economy report shows that North Korea is highly interested now in cryptocurrency. This is another document that hints that this is actually the case in the country.

Griffith is believed to be faced a prison sentence of 20 years. He was another case of scam connected to North Korea and more. We will see the full story behind the country and the business he did during the trial and we are mentioning this due to the fact that it might bring in some interesting proof about what happens in North Korea.

North Korea is a huge problem and it is known because it tries to create nuclear weapons. At the same time, the country bypasses worldwide sanctions in order to obtain money, knowledge and materials. This is considered to be a danger for everyone in the world.