Alternative Airlines Customers Can Now Book Flights With Bitcoin

By Boris Dzhingarov

Alternative Airlines is an UK based travel company. Through a partnership it signed with Utrust, the travel company can now allow tourists to book flights with the use of cryptocurrency.

Utrust was the company that announced the partnership, which was the first with an operator in the travel industry. These two companies offer customers the possibility to book their flights with the use of various cryptocurrencies, like ETH, BTC, DGB, DASH and the native token of Utrust, UTK.

This partnership is really valuable because it is going to introduce literally cross border transactions, crypto-to-cash deals, buyer protection and more. The website of the travel firm allows their customers to look for flights coming from over 650 airlines. This includes Emirates, United, Delta, Virgin and British Airways.

Nuno Correia, Utrust CEO, declared:

“For business or leisure, flight travel can be expensive with consumers saving for months to afford a trip. Considered a high ticket item, it is imperative that consumers are protected when booking flights. Utrust is providing Alternative Airlines’ customers with the increased security and convenience of cryptocurrency payments, and reducing processing fees, to bring greater transparency and trust to the world of online payments.”

During August, another Utrust partnership was announced. It was with SL Benfica and the goal was to allow team fans to buy merchandise and tickets with cryptocurrency.

The travel industry is taking advantage of the popularity of Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. It seems that this will be the very first industry that will actually implement crypto payments. The partnership mentioned is just one of the numerous ones in the past. For instance, Bitstop installed Bitcoin ATMs at the Miami International Airport during the middle of October, close to gate 16.

The possibility to buy tickets with cryptocurrencies is something that can easily change the crypto world as we know it, as long as it is popular among clients.