Satoshi Website Promises To Unveil The Bitcoin Creator Live

By Adrian Cruce

We know of every single person out there that revolutionized industries but nobody really knows who fathered the cryptocurrency industry, which is now valued at a huge $170 billion. This might change in the future as a new website,, promises something. The hint is a live unveiling. Could it be that this will unveil the creator of Bitcoin?

The person or the group that built Bitcoin managed to remain anonymous for an incredibly longtime frame. This led to the appearance of numerous theories. Obviously, one by one they were proven to be fake. Even so, the entire industry tries to discover who Satoshi Nakamoto is, mainly because of the fact that it might show why Bitcoin was created.

The Bitcoin whitepaper states that BTC is meant to be a peer-to-peer cash system. Due to the design, there are many that said state sponsors, the NSA or the CIA actually created the architecture for the cryptocurrency. This would mean that those that created the system need to stay anonymous so retaliation from people involved in illegal practices would not get them.

We also saw Craig Wright stating that he invented Bitcoin. This was quickly mentioned as being just an attempt to get some glory, with John McAfee strongly attacking Wright. In fact, McAfee did declare he knows the identity of Bitcoin’s creator but that he cannot say who it is because his lawyers recommended this.

In the event that Satoshi chooses to reveal himself, it is most likely in order to stop people pretending to be him. This can easily have a disruptive effect on an industry that is still in its infancy.

As the timer for gets closer to zero, let’s see if someone actually answers the speculation, although it is possible that this is just something else.