Rimini FC 192 – First Football Club To Be Bought With Cryptocurrency

By Adrian Cruce

Rimini FC 1912, an Italian soccer club that has been playing in Serie C recently became the first ever soccer team that was purchased with the use of cryptocurrency. Heritage Sport Holdings is now the official owner of the club. The transaction was done with the use of Quantocoin.

The Rimini deal is the first of its kind around the world. The payment was made with the use of Quantocoin because of the ties that Heritage Sport Holdings has with the cryptocurrency. Based on a report issued by Sky Sports News Italy, Giorgio Grassi, club president, officially confirmed the fact that 25% of the sale amount was offered through Quantocoin.

Heritage Sports Holdings appeared in 2013 and is based in Dubai. Operations involve two main actions:

  • A facilitator for football team acquisitions with First and Premier League Division Leagues.
  • Direct investments and ownership of businesses that are football-related. This is the case in different countries in Asia and Europe.

This is not the first time Heritage Sports Holdings was mentioned in transactions that involved football clubs and Quantocoin. Some time ago there were plans made by Gibraltar FC to pay a part of the wages of the players with digital currencies. Pablo Dana, Gibraltar FC owner, is one of the main members of Quantocoin and Heritage Sports Holdings.

Pablo Dana was quoted as saying he believes the Rimini deal is the very first among many different similar purchases that will be made by the company in the future. He added that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will be a huge part of the fight made against football corruption, together with increasing the efficiency of administrative procedures. His exact words were:

We are working exactly on the ideas that UEFA want to put into placeā€¦ This is transparency in football and we are looking to reduce corruption through our Quantocoin platform.

Right now there are European football organizations that work hard to reduce fraud and increase efficiency for game ticket distribution. UEFA actually successfully trialed a method that is blockchain-based and that allocates stadium seats during the Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid Super Cup Final.

Numerous participants in professional footballing from all around the world are right now interested in blockchain technology. eToro recently signed sponsorship deals with 7 teams in UK, deals that were paid in Bitcoin. This was done in order to promote crypto transaction efficiency.