Opera – The First Major Browser Allowing Direct BTC Payments

By Adrian Cruce

Opera is now allowing you to make a payment with the use of Bitcoin right from the browser. This was announced in a press release and means that the 350 million browser users can receive and send BTC while also being able to buy services and goods from e-commerce websites through cryptocurrency payment.

In addition, the browser allows you to add a TRON and Bitcoin card into the crypto wallet that is built-in so you keep track of owned cryptocurrency. Opera’s head of crypto, Charles Hamel, talked about this and said:

“We believe that opening our browser to more blockchains, including Bitcoin, is the logical next step to making our solution more relevant to anyone who has a Bitcoin crypto wallet and would like to do things with their cryptocurrencies beyond just keeping them in an account.”

In a Beta browser version, these features were tested during the summer. Ether was also made available for purchase starting from February.

In the past few months, Opera actively presented brand new Web 3 developments. In case you are not aware, this is a term that refers to a web evolution, which involves high-quality content creation and blockchain involvement, digital currencies and decentralized computing.

A mobile web browser iOS version was released, Opera Touch. This supports Ethereum Web 3 apps and Ethereum. There is also a web 3 explorer that allows you to interact with Web 3 and conduct transactions.

It is worth saying that Opera only has a 3% market share among the browsers. This does not mean it is small. In fact, we are talking about a browser that clearly stated that it wants to further cryptocurrency adoption and Web 3 experimental integration.

At the same time, we have to talk about Brave, the most popular cryptocurrency-powered browser. Brave said it reached its highest user engagement, reaching an active daily user level of 2.8 million. At the same time, the creators that are subscribed are more than ever. Will Opera change this? Only time will tell.