Lightnite – The Bitcoin-Integrated Battle Royale Game

By Adrian Cruce

The Lightning Network can now host multi-player gaming due to the work of Satoshis.Games. In the latest LN conference, the game platform introduced the game, allowing players to spend BTC and earn directly in their account, while gaming.

Lightnite is practically directly crediting and debiting BTC based to what happens in-game. The Satoshi.Games team declared:

“Lightnite is an online multiplayer battle royale game where every specific digital interaction between players triggers a monetary reward or penalty. In simple words, players earn bitcoin by shooting other players and lose bitcoin when they get shot.”

As expected, the gamers can also buy in-game items. This is possible directly through the wallet or with the use of in-game balance. Bluewallet is recommended as the tool needed to access the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

After the news about the game appeared, speculation started appearing about major gaming company that will start to use Bitcoin LN. As an example:

Ethereum was the only option available to link digital coins with gaming. This was possible only on the main blockchain. As a result, the interaction was more expensive and slower. Faster transactions are available through some networks but assets that have a market price that is really volatile are used.

With we see another company that starts to use the Lightning Network in order to interact with BTC users. The launch of Lightnite now means that we have a validity in a world where there are many startups that try to use the Lightning Network. With Satoshi.Games an amount neds to be uploaded on the network. However, other companies now test options that allow fiat-to-lightning transactions.

The Bitcoin Lightning Network has a very good potential when it comes to carrying transactions. It is possible to now move around 800 BTC at the same time, with this constantly increasing. If we are to look at the entire Bitcoin network, around 300,000 transactions are handled every single day, but the transaction fees are higher so microtransactions are not at all viable. With the Lightning Network, risks are low. Ever since it was launched, the Lightning Network diversified the payment channels available, with pathways not concentrated due to some players controlling many nodes.