Most Popular Crypto in USA

By Boris Dzhingarov

Popular cryptos in USA tend to be those that have performed strongly during previous bull markets and stand a good chance of repeating their success during a future market rally.

Bitcoin has quickly become one of the world’s favorite cryptocurrencies due to its security and tokenomics features. Celebrities and entrepreneurs alike have taken notice of its potential.

Binance Coin

Crypto markets can be unpredictable, and investors must realize that the value of their investments may fluctuate significantly. Thankfully, Binance Coin (BNB) has proven itself as one of the more stable coins on the market; being part of an established trading platform provides it with certain advantages that other tokens do not.

BNB can be used for various transactions on Binance exchange, from trading fees and investing in ICOs listed on its platform to paying for various entertainment items – making payments to friends and family easier without needing to convert fiat currencies.

BNB was launched with a successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO) led by Binance founder Changpeng Zhao (also known as CZ). It has an initial supply of 200 million, of which 165.1 million are in circulation today. Furthermore, quarterly burns are conducted by the network in order to reduce total supply and maintain value of BNB coins.

Since 2013, BNB has proven one of the most lucrative assets on the cryptocurrency marketplace, generating massive returns over that time period – an initial $1,000 investment made during an ICO would have resulted in $4,500 by May 2021!

Binance has expanded its ecosystem significantly over time, offering a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), two separate blockchains and enhanced support for DeFi apps. However, some people remain concerned that Binance remains somewhat centralized; regardless of its efforts at decentralizing, its ecosystem remains highly dependent on a few validators to oversee both BNB and the DEX.

As the market expands, more traders are investing in cryptocurrencies like BNB. This trend can be explained by their high return on investment and stability compared to traditional investments like stocks or bonds. Still, investors should carefully assess any associated risks before making major purchases and consult a licensed investment advisor prior to any significant purchases. Likewise, keep in mind that any cryptocurrency can quickly drop its value during bear markets; so diversifying your portfolio with other assets is necessary for sustained performance.


Cardano is a third-generation blockchain that seeks to address scaling issues plaguing other blockchains. Designed by Charles Hoskinson – who co-founded Ethereum with Vitalik Buterin but left the project in 2014 – Cardano can be seen as an Ethereum clone but with more focus on separation of value and computation as well as using multiple scripting languages, such as Simon and Plutus, to develop more complex contracts.

The ADA cryptocurrency is built upon mathematical proofs using decentralized computation. As such, it can easily handle large volumes of data with minimal energy use and central control requirements – making it suitable for applications in health, finance and agriculture sectors as well as companies who need to track supply chains – such as Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education using it to store tamper-proof educational records for five million students to help them pursue higher education or jobs later on in their lives; or verify authenticity of pharmaceutical drugs and other products.

Cardano’s third-generation blockchain, Cardano is more advanced than Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH). It offers superior scalability, more security features, and enhanced functionality compared to its rival. Furthermore, Cardano uses a hybrid model for its block chain which improves performance and security.

Additionally, it uses an efficient proof of stake algorithm compared to that used by Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC). This makes it more energy-efficient than other cryptocurrencies and has earned it recognition as an eco-friendly currency.

Cardano stands out as an innovative cryptocurrency because of the peer-reviewed research approach it takes when developing its code, enabling it to identify bugs and threats before they become an issue. While this method makes Cardano more reputable than other blockchains, its lengthy development timeline may result in delays; nonetheless, Cardano remains a worthy long-term pick within the wider cryptocurrency market.


Polygon is a blockchain platform that enables decentralized applications (DAPPs) and tokenized assets to run at high transaction speeds with minimal fees, offering the greatest developer accessibility through compatibility with Ethereum virtual machine. Polygon has proven itself an attractive option due to its scalability and security features that appeal to developers and its user-friendliness with low transaction times and transaction fees.

Polygon stands apart from its main competitor Ethereum by being more scalable without losing any security benefits, enabling developers to create new DeFi services like peer-to-peer trading exchanges, banking platforms and credit cards on its platform.

Polygon may prove an exception in that regard; its scalability and other innovative features could provide a major boost to its value, yet investors must remember that any cryptocurrency is subject to market fluctuations and regulatory pressures.

The Polygon ecosystem was designed to support an array of blockchain scaling mechanisms. At launch, Matic Plasma chains will support transactions at Ethereum rates while side chains and enterprise chains may follow later. Furthermore, its platform will offer both zk-rollups and optimistic rollups which increase transaction throughput without compromising security or user experience.

Users can buy and sell Polygon coins on various exchange platforms such as Coinbase and Binance. Their price has been steadily increasing thanks to scalability which allows it to process thousands of transactions per second. Furthermore, compatible Ethereum wallets make this token an excellent asset diversifier and suitable for diversifying portfolios.

Polygon investing is high risk, and all or part of your investment could be lost. Therefore, only invest with funds you can afford to lose and conduct your own research before diving in – for instance reading reviews from other traders can help you decide if Polygon fits in with your portfolio or not. As a beginner you could start off small before gradually increasing it as time progresses.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency with the Japanese dog breed Shiba Inu as its mascot, rising rapidly in value in 2021 and soon reaching the top of CoinMarketCap’s list. More cryptocurrency exchanges began listing it, including India’s CoinSwitch Kuber. Furthermore, its developer is working on layer 2 blockchain which will make Shiba Inu even more useful in decentralized finance (DeFi).

Shiba Inu goes beyond cryptocurrency with an active community and social media presence. Their website contains several blogs that explain their project, its benefits and how it works; additionally their team focuses on building this community and teaching people about cryptocurrency.

Shiba Inu remains a risky investment despite its recent success, given that its coin is based on Ethereum – known for slow processing times and high fees – so investing in Shiba Inu may not make much sense when other cryptocurrencies provide better performance.

Coin’s price has seen significant gains since its debut, yet may already have reached its peak. To avoid getting burned by investing too heavily in this asset, only invest a small percentage of your portfolio here and use only verified crypto exchanges.

Many exchanges require you to verify your identity and present documentation before trading – this helps prevent money laundering and terrorist financing as well as safeguard your privacy. Furthermore, many of these exchanges offer tools designed to assist with making smart investments.

There are various methods for purchasing Shiba Inu, but one of the easiest and most straightforward is through a crypto exchange. A cryptocurrency exchange serves as a marketplace where customers can buy and sell various cryptocurrencies; you’ll find everything from popular to lesser known coins on these exchanges.

Shiba Inu purchasing can be an easy and straightforward process, however you should conduct extensive research before investing. For long-term gains, consider cryptocurrency that has practical applications over those which merely speculate and quickly lose value.