Best Ethereum Wallets

By Boris Dzhingarov

Finding an Ethereum wallet may seem like an impossible task, with so many available on the market today. But with some research and due diligence you will soon find one which fits your specific needs perfectly.

Consider factors like security and user-friendliness when selecting an Ethereum wallet. Also ensure it supports all tokens within the Ethereum network.

Trezor One

Trezor One is an intuitive software wallet compatible with multiple cryptocurrencies and an ideal way to protect private keys and various crypto assets for beginners. Users can view balances and send tokens easily; Trezor is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices for ease of use.

Note that this platform may not always be as user-friendly as other hardware wallets.

First step to configuring and creating an account on any new device or account: Setup is fairly simple and should only take seconds; write down and save a recovery seed that appears on screen before getting started.

After connecting your Trezor to a computer, you will be asked to enter your PIN code – an exclusive code only you know about that’s randomly generated each time it connects. After successfully inputting this number, your private keys are protected with additional security.

Therefore, you never risk losing your private keys or having your wallet compromised by brute-force attacks. Furthermore, using PIN codes prevents brute-force attacks; an attacker would need to guess your PIN code 30 times before breaking into your wallet.

Your private keys are encrypted, making the wallet extremely secure and allowing you to safely store them offline.

Trezor hardware wallet’s primary drawback is that it does not support all cryptocurrency types and thus, isn’t ideal for storing large sums of funds.

An optimal solution would be investing in a secure hardware wallet such as Ledger Nano S Plus, which offers more robust security features at a more reasonable cost and compatibility with more cryptocurrencies.

Hardware wallets provide several distinct advantages over software wallets. Their primary benefit lies in eliminating third-party software dependency; this makes them ideal for multifunctional usage such as more than simply storing private keys. Plus, hardware wallets tend to be easier than software versions in terms of usability and ease of use.

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is one of the top hardware wallets available, providing secure storage of crypto assets as well as support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Ideal for active investors who seek to keep their digital assets protected.

The Nano S device is small and lightweight – about the size of a smartphone battery pack – featuring a user-friendly interface with two navigation buttons that make navigating its simple user interface and verifying or cancelling transactions easy. Furthermore, these buttons enable you to set a PIN number or enter recovery phrases if you lose or steal your Nano S.

Ledger Nano S wallets allow you to store over 5,500 types of cryptocurrencies. This includes popular ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as lesser known ones such as Litecoin and NEO. Furthermore, you can link other wallets so you can access all your Ethereum and NEO tokens simultaneously.

Nano S wallets boast a secure element, which serves to guard against hacks. This’secure element’ contains countermeasures against known attacks and makes your wallet more tamper-resistant than similar hardware wallets on the market.

As part of your wallet setup process, you will be asked to create a PIN code and seed phrase – these will serve to safeguard the security of your funds from unintended access by others. Furthermore, it’s advisable that you remember this PIN number so you won’t need to enter it each time you wish to access them.

Although Ledger Nano S is very secure, it’s possible for someone to breach it at some point – though this shouldn’t be a major worry when holding long-term cryptocurrency holdings.

Nano S is constantly being updated by its maker to stay abreast of all of the newest features and app integrations, such as notable collaborations, NFTs/crypto integrations, software and firmware updates, etc.


MetaMask is a free extension that enables users to sign smart contracts and access DApps (distributed applications) on the Ethereum blockchain without the need to run an Ethereum node. Available both as desktop browser plugin and add-on for Chrome and Firefox browsers, MetaMask makes signing and using DApps much simpler!

Contrary to most crypto wallets, this one does not store private keys on its server, giving you complete control of your key and giving you full use of password and seed phrase security measures for added protection.

For creating your account on MetaMask, visit their website and download their application. Once installed, you’ll be asked to create a password and record a backup phrase – two essential steps when opening any cryptocurrency wallet account.

The seed backup phrase is an encrypted string of 12 words that uniquely identifies your wallet and helps recover its funds if its computer or device are lost or stolen. It’s highly advised to keep this secret phrase somewhere safe and never reveal it to anyone else.

When ready to transfer ETH between wallets, select “Send.” You’ll then be asked for a transaction fee; either use the default rate or select one with quicker confirmation times if available.

Remember that gas fees on Ethereum depend on congestion levels; to find the optimal fee, use a site like Ethereum Gas Station.

Once submitted, pending transactions can also be edited or cancelled if you want to stop or speed up a transaction before it has been confirmed – saving both time and money in the process.

Once your wallet has been configured, you can access MetaMask website from any browser to use it to interact with dApps and smart contracts on Ethereum’s blockchain. Most dApps have a “Connect to Wallet” button or similar element which allows you to link it with MetaMask wallet.

MetaMask goes beyond its wallet functionality by also offering exchange for ERC-20 tokens such as Ethereum. This makes trading your coins for other cryptocurrencies quick and easy as well as trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs) not included within Ethereum network.


Mist is one of the top Ethereum wallets, providing users with an efficient means of managing cryptocurrencies and ERC-20 tokens. It boasts an array of features and tools – including smart contracts and secure storage solutions for private keys – making it suitable for use across Windows, Linux and macOS platforms.

Its interface is user-friendly and customizable options available for customization are many. In addition, a dashboard provides an in-depth view of user assets and transactions as well as a community of developers, users and supporters that make up its ecosystem.

Mist Wallet is an open-source wallet designed to securely store and send Ether and other cryptocurrencies. With features like an inbuilt web browser and smart contract interactions, Mist can help users manage their assets effectively.

It is a fully synchronized wallet, meaning it downloads the entire Ethereum blockchain at once – this may take days depending on the speed of your computer and internet connection.

As such, its running is highly resource-intensive; requiring gigabytes of storage and fast disk IO. Furthermore, regular sync up is necessary with network.

Mist is open-source software, making it simple for any individual or team to audit its code and identify bugs – helping prevent security loopholes from developing in advance of an actual security threat.

The software is free to download, although users will incur a mining fee when sending cryptocurrency from their wallet due to miner fees being used as transaction validation methods by the software.

As well, it features a secure storage system which enables users to safely keep their private keys offline – meaning hackers won’t get their hands on any funds you hold in escrow.

As such, it provides greater safety than other wallets. Furthermore, you can set an unchangeable password which gives extra protection from theft.

Mist is available for both macOS and Windows, with various download formats based on which operating system you use.

Mist is an official Ethereum wallet designed to securely store both Ethereum (ETH) and ERC-20 tokens, providing users with easy storage options and plenty of customization features. As an open-source platform with user-friendly design features and options for customization, Mist offers safe storage solutions for all kinds of users.