Augur Price Reaches $14 – Aggressive Growth Predicted By Traders

By Adrian Cruce

From time to time there is a cryptocurrency that stands out as a quick-grower and that shows some great growth potential. Today that currency seems to be Augur as it shows solid gains in BTC, ETH and USD value. This platform is also showing increase interest among crypto traders.

The Augur prediction market platform has not been in the news for a really long time. Not much buzz surrounds it. Even so, with this low attention, the REP (Augur) token shows a strong health. In the past 24 hours it enjoyed really good growth, which is great given the fact that most of the other markets are not doing great.

Augur showed an increase in USD value of 4 percent. An equal BTC value gain was shown, together with an ETH value increase that was just a little smaller. This indicates an uptrend that is most likely just the start. We are faced with volatile markets so it should be mentioned that it is hard to predict with high accuracy, but the signs are there stating that REP will most likely increase.

There are numerous buy signals that appear all throughout the trading communities for REP. This is because we are now faced with a perfect buying zone for Augur. This is especially the case in the event that the token is traded against Bitcoin. The strong gains could materialize in a few hours, since the entire market is now on the verge of a bull run. However, we cannot predict what will happen with Bitcoin in the following days, which should be taken into account as it will influence REP.

Obviously, nothing is a sure thing in cryptocurrency trading and digital tokens can always go up or down. This is not going to change in the future. Augur price is now high and there are signs that value will continue to rise. However, keep in mind that maintaining a high level is almost always a challenge for tokens that have a lower popularity, as Augur.