40 Burger King Venezuela Stores Now Offer BTC Payments Option

By Adrian Cruce

Bitcoin is now connected to Burger King Venezuela through a partnership that allows cryptocurrency payments for purchases happening at 40 locations of the fast-food chain. This was actually confirmed on Twitter by Burger King. Other altcoins accepted include Litecoin, Ether, Dash, Tether and Binance Coin.

40 locations are going to allow cryptocurrency payments in 2020. At the same time, we should be aware of Cryptobuyer, which is a cryptocurrency merchant gateway in Panama. It now operates numerous Bitcoin ATMs. Cryptobuyer allows cryptocurrency conversions for businesses that pay with fiat currency.

Venezuela is right now going through huge economic turmoil. Due to this, we are seeing increased use of cryptocurrencies. The government did shun the borderless payment options and did restrict foreign currency access.

At the same time, Petro, which is the cryptocurrency officially backed by the state, is trying to fight the financial crisis in Venezuela. Now, Petro stands out as being the only currency that is accepted for different really important services. This includes passports.

Burger King Venezuela did nothing to dismiss the fact that it allows and wants to allow cryptocurrency use. There were even mentions of Dash being very popular in Venezuela, although this was not confirmed and several other cryptos are much more popular.

Burger King is seriously experimenting with using Bitcoin, although past efforts did not become successful. There were some initiatives happening in both Europe and Russia but soon after allowing cryptocurrency payments for shops, this was taken down.