Walmart Selling $1 Bitcoins Right Now

By Adrian Cruce

Investors are complaining about the fact that Bitcoin is suppressed in 2018 but Walmart does not care about that and is offering now Bitcoins at $1 a pop. The only catch is that the Bitcoins Walmart sells are made out of chocolate.

As it was discovered on Reddit, Walmart outlets are now full of bitcoins that are sold for $1, which is labeled as being “everyday low price”. Even if they are made out of chocolate, it is still something you may want to try, no? After all, most people have no idea how a physical Bitcoin actually looks like.

The new chocolate is manufactured by Frankford, a rather unknown Philadelphia based candy manufacturer. No public commentary was made by Walmart or Frankford about why the new chocolate was made but many commentators are actually saying this is proof that Bitcoin is moving in towards mainstream consciousness.

In the past Walmart did seem to be interested in selling cryptocurrency related materials. The online store actually sold crypto explanatory literature. Also, the Walmart2Walmart money transfer system can be utilized as intermediary to buy BTC right now.

What is particularly interesting at the moment is that selling this chocolate Bitcoin is actually building awareness for the cryptocurrency. Walmart is definitely not dormant when it comes to raising awareness. The company was reported to have filed for different blockchain related patents. It was also mentioned that executives are keen right now to leverage blockchain technology to streamline the supply chain.

One of the Walmart blockchain patents might allow the retail giant to help customers buy energy with the use of cryptocurrency. Wouldn’t that be a treat?

As many already thought about, the chocolate coin choice is a rather interesting one because it targets families and children. This is a niche that is quite untouched at the moment by cryptocurrency businesses since they are highly consumer-oriented and do not focus much on awareness. There are currently many different difficulties that appear as comparing physical coins with bitcoins is not something that is easy to do. We also have a huge psychological hurdle of discussing an asset that is intangible, making adoption challenging. After all, this is why the MacCoin failed.

Only time will tell if the chocolate Bitcoin will have any effect on raising awareness but hey, you can buy a bitcoin for $1. Isn’t that sweet?