The Best Crypto Banks

By Boris Dzhingarov

Cryptocurrency banking services offer secure storage for your cryptocurrency investments, providing protection from hackers and scammers while earning interest on them. Some even pay you interest.

Juno is a fintech company that seamlessly combines traditional banking and crypto into one checking account, enabling its customers to invest a percentage of their paycheck into crypto assets.


Fidor is a new digital banking institution designed with customers in mind, providing mobile payments, global money transfers, cash withdrawal prepaid cards and social trading apps as services and features. Fidor stands out by prioritising customer input into decision-making processes within its bank – this approach has enabled it to become one of the leading digital banks.

Fidor’s open platform aims to empower both customers and developers to create a more tailored banking experience for themselves and each other. Furthermore, Fidor has introduced innovative products like virtual debit cards linked directly to cryptocurrency accounts that allow customers to make deposits and withdrawals without incurring additional fees or incurring charges from third parties. Furthermore, Fidor adopted Ripple protocol – helping provide low cost international transactions.

Fidor Bank from Germany stands out with an innovative business model focused on community. Customers are given an influence in shaping new services, setting interest rates, and even participating in developing them themselves. Furthermore, Fidor has opened its APIs so developers can build banking services using its infrastructure.

Fidor was established in 2009 to offer individuals and businesses banking services of every kind, from multi-currency accounts, mobile payments, global money transfers, to prepaid cards that allow users to withdraw cash from ATMs or buy goods both online and offline. Fidor prides itself on placing customers first while continuously improving its technology offerings – earning it numerous industry awards along the way.

Fidor’s team is thrilled to bring its innovative platform to the US, where this partnership will expand their presence in strategic markets and meet clients’ individual needs more easily. Furthermore, this gives Fidor access to EPAM’s global pool of highly trained technical resources which allow them to fulfill on the promises made for digital banking solutions offered by banks.


Wirex app is an ideal way for investors to invest in cryptos and fiat currencies. Setup takes only minutes and puts you at the helm of your digital currency universe. Features of Wirex include cryptocurrency wallet and debit card capabilities as well as trading on various major exchanges; in addition, support for numerous coins such as ADA, EOS and MATIC can also be found within the app.

This platform is currently available in 130 countries and boasts many unique features, such as its crypto rewards debit card and X-Accounts that enable users to store money in stablecoins while earning back in crypto. Furthermore, its architecture ensures high security and liquidity as you exchange 61 traditional and crypto assets directly within its app – saving up to 4% compared with other platforms!

Wirex provides easy currency conversion with their range of fiat currencies supported, making switching easy. Their card allows you to spend in your preferred currency at many online retailers while its user-friendly interface makes it simple and straightforward for use and understanding. Their emphasis on transparency also makes Wirex an excellent way of staying in control of funds.

However, some users have reported slow customer support and account blockage; additionally it only has a Trustpilot score of 1.3 stars despite these issues; still its convenience may outweigh these issues for some.

Wirex provides both traditional and crypto wallets, along with a mobile app that makes exchanging assets easy. With secure multi-sig features for its crypto wallets and an insurance policy backing them up, this secure mobile solution uses industry-leading encryption measures to safeguard data.

Platform accessibility makes Coinbase an attractive option for newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies, and does not require extensive verification processes like other platforms do. Verification typically only involves providing identification documents and proof of address documents for verification.


Revolut is an innovative alternative to traditional banking services, providing users with a convenient mobile app that makes sending money overseas, buying or selling cryptocurrency, making payments in multiple currencies, withdrawing funds from cash machines without fees, customer support available 24/7 and promotional and bonus offers available to attract customers.

Revolut has amassed a large customer base in the UK, France, Poland as well as in Australia and USA. Furthermore, Revolut is constantly developing new features while honing its existing ones to increase customer satisfaction.

Features of its services include offering a free UK current account with IBAN and no transaction fees as well as 24 currency exchanges every month at no cost. Furthermore, withdrawals from ATMs and cash machines worldwide incur no withdrawal fee and its mobile app offers user-friendly interface and supports more than 30 languages. Furthermore, premium plans offer additional perks such as travel insurance and concierge services for added peace of mind.

Revolut is an international money transfer platform offering various services and currency support, making it simple and straightforward for travelers, business people and anyone seeking to save money when making international transfers. Furthermore, its app also enables cryptocurrency purchases/trades – perfect for diversifying one’s portfolio!

Revolut’s only real drawback is not offering credit cards, which could be an issue for those wanting a traditional banking experience. But don’t despair — Revolut plans on launching its credit card product sometime between 2022-2025! Similarly, Revolut does not currently have physical branch presence which might make communication easier with their bank but Revolut doesn’t hold a UK banking license, meaning your funds won’t be protected under Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), although all cash remains within its account and is never used for lending or investments purposes!


Monzo is one of the premier neobanks, making it an excellent option if you’re seeking an alternative to your existing bank. Offering core spending, saving and money management functionality as well as no monthly or other recurring fees and no overdraft interest charges makes Monzo an excellent alternative option.

Monzo offers top-of-the-line customer support through in-app chat, something traditional banks simply can’t match. This feature is crucial as it ensures customers can get the help they require immediately.

Monzo currently boasts more than 8 million customers in the UK and continues to expand rapidly as fintech firms take hold. Monzo stands to take full advantage of this unprecedented growth opportunity as we transition into an age of fintech companies.

Monzo offers numerous features and benefits, such as a free current account, overdraft facility, no monthly fees, ATM fees or foreign exchange fees, budgeting tools such as Trends and Targets to track spending trends; plus its salary sorter allows for direct deposit payments up to two days early! If your employer qualifies, direct deposits could help make life simpler than ever!

“Pots” provide another unique feature by providing sub-accounts designed to save for specific goals, like vacation savings or emergency funds. You can set regular payments into Pots or add money manually – either way it gives you complete control.

Monzo goes above and beyond by providing its users with innovative features as well as multiple security measures. Three-dimensional Secure (3D Secure) is employed during online transactions to safeguard credit card details by authenticating identity with tokens or one-time codes, while Monzo stores data in its cloud servers, making it inaccessible by hackers.

Monzo maintains strict policies regarding who can utilize its services, and reserves the right to close accounts deemed a threat to either itself or other customers. Furthermore, they can freeze an account under police instruction.