The 5 silly cryptocurrencies you might want to know about

By Boris Dzhingarov

Thanks to the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin and its price, a lot of cryptocurrencies are coming up in the market. Some of them are weird ones.

The most popular coins like Bitcoin, Ether, and Ripple are usually getting the market share and attention, but some weird coins have come up over few years.

Here is the list of 3 most weird cryptocurrencies available now:

1. Dogecoin

Dogecoin – the original, weirdest cryptocurrency. This weird cryptocurrency came up in 2013.  This meme-turned weird cryptocurrency developed by a weird online user community on Reddit. Dogecoin has made sponsoring stunts like they sponsor Athletes and Drivers of NASCAR. This weird cryptocurrency still stays relevant and with a market cap of around $750 million. If you want to sponsor an Olympic Athlete or NASCAR driver, you can buy some Dogecoins.

2. TrumpCoin

Yes. Trump has cryptocurrency but is not affiliated to the Ex. American President, the official website of TrumpCoin says the TrumpCoin is used to fund Donald Trump projects and Agenda of Ex. President. This website also says ‘You buy TrumpCoins today and help build America’. So, if you are a Trump supporter, go buy TrumpCoins to support Trump projects in the future!

TrumpCoin is not the only one in political space. There are almost one dozen dubious political currencies around the world.

Since Ex American President Donald Trump has a  coin, Russian president Putin has one too. Vladimir Putin actually has many. The reason for creating PutinCoin was to pay tribute to the President and the people of Russia. There is another Coin for Putin call PutinClassic. Buy five PutinCoins and get shirtless Putin sitting on a horse!

3. Whoppercoin

Another Coin from Russia. This cryptocurrency is used for buying Whoppers at Burger King. Burger King announced Whoppercoin for a rewards program. Customers get one Whoppercoin for every ruble they use to buy Whoppers at Burger King, and when they make 1,700 Whoppercoins, they get a burger for free. Do you like this great deal?

4. Garlicoin

Another Reddit-born cryptocurrency for buying Garlic Bread!  It is a Rival coin for Dogecoin. Garlicoin just works like Litecoin, the one exception is Garlicoin is only for buying garlic bread. The website of Garlicoin says  “Garlicoin is hot and ready to serve its buttery goodness.” If you are a Garlic Bread lover, you can buy some buy Garlicoin to keep handy to buy some Garlic bread when you are hungry!

5. UFOCoin

UFOCoin – No. You are wrong. It’s not a cryptocurrency for funds dedicated to galactic exploration or a coin to fund alien research. The UFOCoin is actually used for neoscrypt technology to create strong encryption to protect a computer network. Anyone who has a desktop computer can mine UFO coins.

The internet itself is a very strange place and filled with strange things everywhere. So, the cryptocurrency market is also filled with lots of weird cryptocurrencies. There are around 1500 online cryptocurrencies available in the market with some of them weird in nature. We limited this list to the 5 most weird cryptocurrencies you might want to know about.