Six Of The Top Fintech 50 Are Blockchain Companies

By Boris Dzhingarov

Forbes just released its top Fintech 50 list. It includes 6 blockchain companies that are listed as being among the very top financial technology firms listed. Under the official “Blockchain and Bitcoin” category, Forbes ended up listing Axoni, Coinbase, Chainalysis, MakerDao, Everledger and Ripple as being among the very top fintech companies in 2020.

Some of the other contenders that were categorized differently include Plaid, Lemonade and Opendoor.

Forbes created the 2020 list and always spreads it out alphabetically. There is little debate about the fact that Coinbase is the strongest of the companies. It managed to get the most possible funding out of all those highlighted, with $525 million. Ripple is number two from this point of view, with $293 million. In the case of Everledger, we have the smallest crypto firm funding, with $20 million.

The main similarities that appeared with these 50 fintech firms listed can be associated with shareholding, services and location. According to the media outlet:

“A couple things all our Fintech 50 2020 picks have in common: they’re private companies with operations or customers in the U.S., and they’re making it easier, faster and cheaper to use financial services.”

Out of these companies, 48 are based in the country. The other two are based in the UK, in London to be more precise.