Only 732,982 Bitcoin Addresses Hold A Minimum Of 1 BTC

By Boris Dzhingarov

At the moment, there are 732,982 Bitcoin addresses that hold a minimum of 1 BTC. The top 100 addresses, based on how much BTC is in them, mainly see incoming transaction volume, not outflows.

What is interesting is that when we compare the mentioned addresses with the 20 million addresses that are known right now, the volume in them is just a fraction. We also know that 60% of the bitcoins did not move from one account to another in the past year. This practically means that 10.5 million BTC are now held as a store of value, as highlighted by @Rhythmtrader.

Statistics show us that many investors now buy and hold BTC as there is an anticipation of a really huge value increase, moving BTC/USD to the trillion-dollar region. Most BTC is not moving and large accounts just gather more and more.

When looking at the top 100 BTC addresses, BTC is being added to them. Just a few accounts now show outflows. It is even possible that the outflows are just transfers done by owners in order to spread bitcoins over different accounts.

There are traders that will skim a lot of profit with periodic surges but statistics are clear in showing that many investors just want to hold and wait until Bitcoin price increases, which makes the cryptocurrency a store of value.

Since only 21 million BTC will ever be created, holders now try to get as much as possible. As time passes, even the wealthy individuals will find it hard to have 1 Bitcoin.

At press time, 1 BTC = 8,195.70 USD. This marks a quick increase in value, one that bulls hope will continue. In the event that price goes over $9,000, it will mark a signal that the 2018 brutal bear market stopped. This is practically a recovery of almost 50% following an 80% decline.