MatchBX Introduced By aXpire To The Cryptocurrency Community

By Adrian Cruce

aXpire recently launched a press release in which it presented MatchBX, a new product that seems to be useful for the blockchain community. MatchBX is expected to be operational during Q2 2018.


MatchBX is new technology that allows freelance work through blockchain technology. People can engage with businesses or each other in order to earn AXP crptocurrency, all at a full time work basis. At the same time, the technology will take advantage of a specific group of companies with whom preferred partnership deals were signed. These companies are going to be presented as the best possible providers of specific online services.

An example of a company is Kotoba, which now offers quality white paper and website translation services. Users will be able to take advantage of MatchBX to get better rates while working with Kotoba. This type of deal is expected to be highly preferential for some freelance workers interested in getting paid through cryptocurrencies.

aXpire declared that in the product’s background there will be different tasks handled like demand prediction, spend analysis and more, all in an attempt to drive extra preferred partners. No associated price increases will appear when extra demand is present.

MatchBX will not include traditional fees noticed in the industry or in freelance work. There is a minimal 1 percent that is charger per every transaction but it will become burned AXP, thus allowing early adopters to get extra benefits.

MatchBX stands out as the newest of the aXpire products, perfectly complementing Resolvr, which is a spend management tool powered by AXP, aXpire’s token.


Users can now earn free AXP when they sign up to the MatchBX waiting list at and if you are interested in more information about aXpire, visit the official website.