Derivative Digital Asset Exchanges That Impact Crypto Investments

By Boris Dzhingarov

Derivative Digital Assets As Popular Investment Tools For Investors

Nowadays, digital assets stand out as an important investment vehicle, right alongside bonds, commodities and bonds. We are looking at higher valuations and increased investor participation.

The crypto market cap has a very high value, around $300 billion. This is why investors from various backgrounds and with different levels of experience pursue digital asset investments.

Individual and institutional interest in cryptocurrencies is growing. However, most people and businesses do not want to directly invest in cryptocurrencies. They prefer derivatives since it allows them to bet on crypto value without being owners of the digital asset.

Having a comprehensive derivatives market is practically a sign of the industry’s maturity and growth. Advanced trading methodologies are used and are now available for traders in the traditional markets.

Obviously, not all platforms give you access to derivatives. Investors have to find those that do.

With all this in mind, here are 3 derivative digital asset exchanges to consider.


BitMEX is arguably the most popular of the derivative exchanges. It is a P2P crypto trading platform, with the main investment product tracking BTC price against the USD. Users can establish derivative contracts based on various popular cryptocurrencies.

BitMEX allows users to leverage Bitcoin with margin trading accounts that have positions that are even 100x. With Ethereum we have 50x. Most of the products now operate on contracts that last 3 months. However, BTC/USD contracts can last indefinitely.

The daily trading volume of BitMEX is higher than $3 billion. All funds are kept in cold storage for increased security.

At the moment, you can only use the crypto platform if you live in China, UK, Japan and South Korea.


ByBit was launched in Spring, 2018. Even so, it needs to be mentioned here. It offers a highly dynamic trading experience for over 100,000 users, including experienced and novice traders.

The company is based in Singapore. It offers a rather global trading environment. Users come from Europe, Russia, North America, Southeast Asia, South Korea and Japan.

Derivatives are offered for the really prominent cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, EOS, Ether and even Ripple. Soon, even Litecoin will be possible.

Due to the matching engine available, 100,000 TPS per contract is possible. This is huge when compared with industry norms. Users do not have to worry much about outages or overloads. The trading volumes reached $1 billion in June 2019.

Customer service and security are prioritized by ByBit, which is very important when referring to digital assets. Assets are stored in cold wallets and customer service is available at any point of day or night.


Okex was launched in 2017. It is a crypto exchange that offers option contracts and futures for Bitcoin. Now, it also works on giving access to comprehensive derivative offerings.

The company is based in Malta and services are available in over 100 countries. This platform does target both novice and experienced traders but the futures are mainly aimed towards the veteran traders.

Okex uses 2-factor authentication, anti-phishing codes and mobile verification for every single communication.

Final Thoughts

The appetite for derivatives is growing in the crypto market. This is why the competition is high among companies that offer forward-thinking and competitive products.

The exchanges mentioned above are dynamic and are accessible for users. BitMEX does lead the pack. However, the other two are really close behind and we do see a rapid user base for ByBit. Other platforms are also being developed right now and there are crypto exchanges that are interested in offering derivatives.

Always conduct your own research and invest only after you are confident in the information you have.