Burger King Now Accepts BTC Payments In Germany For Online Orders

By Adrian Cruce

Bitcoin starts to be more accepted all around the world. The latest important news comes from Germany. There, Burger King’s German arm accepts Bitcoin payments on the orders made on the fast-food chain’s delivery website and through mobile applications.

The option to use BTC appeared all of a sudden on the official BK delivery site. However, it is not known if Bitcoin is accepted at the physical restaurants in the country. This would be a huge step since we are talking about 600 establishments.

Not The First Time Burger King Embraces Cryptocurrencies

The latest move made in Germany is just one of the numerous attempts that BK made in the past to use cryptocurrencies. In 2017 we saw Burger King Russia state that it will start accepting Bitcoin payments. Then, it introduced a virtual currency. It was name the Whoppercoin. In the same year, BTC was accepted by an Arnhem restaurant (Netherlands).

If experiments go well and Burger King starts accepting Bitcoin with good success, it is expected that the same thing will be available in other countries. This is very important since BK now has over 13,000 locations around the world. In fact, the fast-food chain severs over 11 million customers every single day and is based in 98 countries. This means an annual revenue of around $1.7 billion.

Being able to pay for a burger with BTC is a huge dream in the cryptocurrency industry right now. Buying anything in physical locations is a step that has to be taken in order to have true worldwide crypto adoption.