Brave Browser Reaches 3 Million Monthly Active Users

By Boris Dzhingarov

Brave is a browser that was funded through a highly successful ICO and those that backed it will be really happy to hear that it manages to go over 3 million monthly active users. Experts agree that the number is going to grow to around 5 million as 2018 ends.

Brave was created by Brendan Eich, Mozilla co-founder and Javascript creator. The announcement that the milestone was reached was made on Thursday. There was a highlight that the browser managed a phenomenal growth that managed to make everyone interested. This is quite interesting given that the ICO managed to raise a really impressive $36 million.

Another thing that should be highlighted is that Brave is now listed as a top 10 in the Google Play Store “free communication apps category”. This is the case in 21 countries, including Argentina, South Korea, France, Canada and the US.

Close to 20,000 content creators and publishers are now registered as verified publishers. This allows them to receive BAT that is donated by any interested Brave user. Most of the users are Twitch and YouTube streamers. They were mostly recruited because large hosting platforms, like YouTube, now take a lot of the shared ad revenue.

Brave is privacy-centric and manages to effectively block third party trackers and ads as a default setting. New features were added to the desktop browser. Initially, in-tab support for TOR was added for the private browsing sessions. This increased user security, which is important for a large part of the crytpocurrency industry.

Brave is now also testing core value proposition for the BAT cryptocurrency token. This is all about opt-in advertising that will reward publishers and users. After this is formally released, the feature is going to enable the user to receive 70% of gross revenue coming from ads, all which is native for Brave instead of the website. Such revenue is going to be paid out to publishers and users in BAT. This can be coverted then to fiat currency as Brave signed a partnership with Uphold.

There is no way to deny the fact that Brave expands rapidly but it is possible that competition is going to soon appear. Bitmain, arguably the most valuable crypto company, paid $50 million for an Opera controlling stake. After only a few days it was announced that Opera is going to become the very first mainstream browser that will introduce a decentralized application browser and ethereum wallet.