Bitcoin Mining Firm In Vancouver Plans Massive Expansion With 85 MW Substation

By Adrian Cruce

DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc., a Vancouver-based cryptocurrency mining business, just announced that it is going to install an 85 MW capacity substation, all in a plan to power a crypto mining facility expansion.

The brand new capacity transformer and the associated electric substation are going to be connected to the main utility power grid. This is going to quickly expand the product offerings. DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. currently offers different services and products, like forensics, blockchain analytics and mining-as-a-service.

Maas (Mining-as-a-Service) gained a lot of popularity lately since companies set up a mining rig for a client that wants to get profits without having to own any of the hardware. Firms like Genesis Mining and Bitmain already give access to Maas, but DMG should gain a pretty interesting market share due to the launch of this new substation.

Right now, the company thinks that the substation, which should become fully operated in September, is going to power cryptocurrency mining facility expansion. Hosting capability should increase by around 20 times more, becoming one of the largest service provider in North America.

COO Sheldon Bennett declared:

Building and managing a crypto mining operation at an industrial scale requires a world-class supply chain as well as direct access to local government and electricity providers. Our management team at DMG is unique in that we have the experience, the relationships and the capital backing to do this successfully.

DMG was initially known as Digital Mint Group and the very first service they offered was Maas. After the success they gained, they started to branch out and move into other services, including giving access to data analytics for law enforcement clients.

The fact that brand new cryptomining facilities are being built is a really strong indicator that the popularity of crypto is growing and there are more investors and businesses that are interested in mining. Maas stands out as a very simple way to mine, without having to worry about the technology side of things.

Just last month we saw Coinmint announcing that a brand new mining facility is going to be built in Massena, New York, with an investment of $700 million being set up. The capacity of the new facility will be 435 megawatt and should be ready in 1 year. This basically marks the creation of the largest Bitcoin mining center in the entire world.