Binance Donates $1 Million To Fight Australian Fires

By Boris Dzhingarov

All throughout Australia, bushfires run rampant. So much money is necessary in order to stop the fires and even more will be needed in the future to repair the damage caused. It is great to see that the cryptocurrency community did not stay idle and is helping. This is where Binance’s recent announcement steps in.

Binance said that it is going to donate around 118 BTC, which is close to $1 million to fighting the Australian fires. These are the worst possible wildfires hitting the world in the past decades. Much financial aid is going to be necessary. Most of it will be needed right now and more will be necessary later. Cryptocurrency contributions can easily offer helping hands to those in need.

History showed us that altcoin and bitcoin enthusiasts so often step up and support really good causes. This latest donation was handled by the Binance Charity Foundation. The goal is to support the Australian Bushfire Donation.

The Binance Charity Foundation plans to donate this $1 million in Binance Coin. If people want to donate BNB, they can do so and join in this practice.

Until now, 20 donations were received. Even so, they were not allocated. We are looking at another really important milestone in crypto. Bitcoin needs positive media attention and the exact same thing can be said about all the other blockchain or cryptocurrency projects. This can easily change how people see crypto in general.

While it is true that Binance will get a positive media coverage after the move, it is still more important to understand the fact that the money raised can make a difference in Australia. On Binance, users will be able to keep donating funds in the future.