Barry Silbert – One of the Most Influential Investors in the Cryptocurrency Industry

By Boris Dzhingarov

Silbert holds an influential place within the crypto industry as the founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group (DCG), an organization which builds and supports bitcoin and blockchain companies. DCG features Grayscale Investments, Genesis Trading and CoinDesk amongst their expansive portfolio.

Prior to founding DCG, he established SecondMarket, a venture-backed technology firm eventually acquired by Nasdaq. Additionally, he launched the Bitcoin Investment Trust as an open-ended trust with securities that are solely invested in and derive their value from bitcoin prices.


Barry Silbert has made significant investments and advocated for new institutional investor adoption of cryptocurrency; while also emphasizing decentralized finance as one of the core tenets of digital currency.

In 2008, Silbert founded SecondMarket as a venture-backed financial platform technology company and sold it to Nasdaq in 2015 for an undisclosed sum. Soon thereafter, Silbert established Digital Currency Group (DCG), an investment vehicle focused on seed investing into digital currency and blockchain companies that has become an investment juggernaut with multiple subsidiaries.

One of DCG’s key initiatives, GBTC, allows investors to gain exposure to bitcoin without actually buying it directly – an important step towards mainstreaming and encouraging long-term crypto adoption. DCG uses this initiative as part of its overall plan to bring virtual assets to investors via regulated, transparent platforms that meet all regulatory standards.

DCG has undertaken many key projects, with one of its signature endeavors being the Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT). This open-ended trust solely invests in bitcoin price movements through Grayscale Investments a DCG subsidiary; additionally in 2013, Silbert also founded Xapo, a cryptocurrency payment processor and custodian service.

Silbert remains optimistic that the industry will rebound soon from its recent slump, believing new technologies will reduce centralized intermediary dependence and enable users to take control of their own finances. Furthermore, decentralized finance will bring greater security and stability in the crypto marketplace.

Recent challenges faced by this company have caused considerable harm to its reputation and profits, as well as SEC investigations for failing to register its Earn Program as securities offering, which will negatively impact profitability and even lead to bankruptcy. To minimize risk and protect its bottom line, management are working on restructuring management and services while Moelis & Co has been hired as legal advisors.


Barry Silbert has made an indelible mark on the cryptocurrency industry as an architect of growth and development of numerous startups. Beyond financial success, Barry Silbert has also advocated for responsible regulation in this space.

Silbert is the founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group, an umbrella conglomerate dedicated to cryptocurrency markets. His company owns five subsidiaries focused on this market: CoinDesk, Foundry, Genesis Global Capital, Grayscale Investments and Luno. As of 2021, his firm had managed assets worth over $50 billion; additionally he is well known as a public speaker on Bitcoin technology and blockchain innovation.

As a result, Silbert has amassed an extensive social media following, leading to his net worth reaching $3.5 billion by 2023. Silbert credits his enormous success to his early entry into the cryptocurrency market as one of the first major institutional investors investing heavily in this emerging industry. Since then, he has continued supporting and investing in blockchain-based startups.

He has also invested in other high-profile companies, including 500 Global, Artsy, Coinsetter, Endurance Lending Network, Lenddo, SecondMarket, SendTheTrend Voyat TradeBlock SponsorHub and Tapad. In addition, he testified before the United States Senate about financial regulatory reform issues.

Silbert is widely acknowledged for his advocacy work within the cryptocurrency industry and its widespread adoption. In 2017, he launched the Silbert Foundation to foster education and research related to blockchain technology; ultimately supporting future developers and entrepreneurs within this space.

Silbert has developed his blockchain initiatives by creating an incubator called The LAB, where promising teams can pitch their ideas for funding. Since 2015, The LAB has assisted more than 100 projects including BitGo, Blockstack, Cobinhood, Endurance Lending Network Gyft Circle Kraken Ripple Labs Xapo as well as creating a scholarship program. For more information about The LAB or their programs visit their website

Net Worth

As one of the premier investors in cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Silbert’s considerable wealth reflects his longstanding belief that blockchain technology will transform traditional finance. His support of the industry led him to take an early stake in many successful crypto companies such as Coinbase and Ripple – helping speed adoption of this groundbreaking technology. Silbert has used his financial journey as an illustration of diversification, new technologies, and the importance of conviction when building wealth.

Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin soon after graduating from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School with a degree in finance. Subsequently, he founded SecondMarket Inc and sold it to NASDAQ in 2015. Since then he has dedicated much of his focus on Bitcoin investments, acting as an angel investor in some of the earliest cryptocurrency-based startups.

He then created DCG and its various subsidiaries which now sit at the heart of the cryptocurrency industry, such as Genesis Global Trading, Grayscale Investments and Coindesk among many others. Furthermore, DCG has established various venture funds dedicated to investing in promising cryptocurrency projects.

Silbert is well known in the cryptocurrency space and owns an expansive real estate portfolio which provides his family with a secure source of income.

Since most of his investments are private and not publicly traded, it can be challenging to ascertain his exact net worth; however, public filings suggest his estimated worth exceeds $1 billion.

His net worth is mostly attributable to his large holdings in cryptocurrency and non-financial tokens (NFTs), as well as DCG’s impressive valuation; DCG alone is valued at over $38 billion with assets across various investment vehicles such as Grayscale Investments and Foundry Digital.

As the Genesis collapse and financial difficulties facing DCG’s subsidiaries have complicated calculations of Silbert’s actual net worth, it has proven difficult. Nonetheless, it is thought that his stake in Grayscale and DCG subsidiaries still hold substantial value as does his real estate portfolio; plus early stakes in cryptocurrency/NFTs which should appreciate over time.

Personal Life

Cryptocurrency may be all the rage right now, with Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss making headlines over their clash with Zuckerberg, but there are other big players behind the scenes who have made an enormous amount of money off it – one being Barry Silbert of Digital Currency Group who founded and leads it as an investment juggernaut centrally located within cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Company provides start-up, development and investment support for companies revolutionizing finance by building on blockchain platforms. Over 50 investments were made by this active seed investor across 15 countries – such as BitGo, BitPay, BitPagos, BitPesa, Chain, Circle Coinbase Gyft Kraken Ripple Labs TradeBlock Unocoin

Silbert started his career at Houlihan Lokey after graduating with honors from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School with Series 7, 24 and 63 licenses. Following this, he founded SecondMarket – an investment platform technology firm which specialized in illiquid assets – which was later sold to NASDAQ in 2015 after which Silbert turned his attention towards cryptocurrency technology development.

In 2013, Grayscale Investments, a Bitcoin investment trust, was launched under DCG and several subsidiary companies under its banner. CoinDesk magazine became part of Grayscale’s holdings in 2016, along with the Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT), an open-ended fund with publicly quoted securities whose value directly correlates to Bitcoin price movements.

Silbert is an upstanding family man with strong ties to his local community. Together with Lori, they have two children who attend local schools and sports teams – they are also active participants themselves! Silbert and Lori serve as role models of successful family-centric business partnerships by being committed members of both communities they abide in, with strong personal bonds between themselves as an example for others to follow.