Our Story

Cryptoext aims to educate about cryptocurrencies, offering access to news, tutorials, informative article and a whole lot more. We want to become an authoritative portal that is for the people, both those that do not know much about cryptocurrencies and specialists.

We are at an early development stage, working on various projects so we invite you to contact us directly at the moment for any possible reason.

Our Team

Cryptoext founder, Boris is a young entrepreneur with a mission to help people reach their dreams. He graduated UNWE with major marketing. He is the founder of Cryptoext and other websites such as Monetary Library and Blog For web. Boris writes for many other popular websites including Born2Invest and The Market Oracle.

Adrian Cruce


Experienced content marketer and crypto enthusiast, Adrian joined the Cryptoext to help bring its vision to life.

Contact Us

If you are interested in contacting us, no matter the reason, please do so directly at:
[email protected]